Célena Sévigny

Manager, Marketing & Communications

Célena worked part-time as a retail associate at The Sens Store while completing her degrees in communications and ancient history at the University in Ottawa. She worked her way up to the merchandise manager position with The Ottawa Senators, where she worked on multiple jersey launches, and implemented various programs including online auctions, numerous pop up locations and store renovations as well as a brand authentication program.

After 8 years with The Ottawa Senators, Célena accepted the position of retail operations manager with The RCMP Foundation, where she oversaw the buying for and daily operations of The Mountie Shop.

In 2019, Célena was named Director of Communications and Retail, effectively taking over communication operations for the RCMP Foundation and continuing with her work with The Mountie Shop.

She also works closely with Kevin on licensing and day to day operations of The RCMP Foundation.

Email Célena: [email protected]