The Homecrafter Licensing program was developed to allow the homecrafter an affordable opportunity to obtain a license to sell officially licensed RCMP-branded merchandise.

At the same time, it allows the Foundation to maintain the integrity of its brand and ensure only high-quality products are being developed and sold.

A license is mandatory to sell RCMP-branded merchandise.

IMPORTANT: Please review the following information carefully before filling out a Homecrafter License Application.

What you must know


A $300 licensing fee is due upon execution of the Crafter License Agreement.


A royalty of 10% will be paid on all sales over $3,000 (before tax). Royalty on sales below $3,000 are covered by the annual license fee of $300.


Homecrafters are required to bear any and all risk and responsibility and hold the RCMP and the RCMP Foundation harmless of all risk and liability of their merchandise that uses any RCMP Intellectual Property. Homecrafters may wish to purchase liability insurance.


Homecrafters are required to report sales twice over the 12-month period. The first report is due at the six-month mark and the second report is due within 14 days of finishing the 12-month period.


All licensees must abide by the Foundation’s Code of Conduct.


The homecrafter license is currently available only in Canada.


All products must be hand-made. Commercially manufactured products must be licensed through the Wholesale License program.


Some products will not be considered for the home-crafters program. These include, but are not limited to:

challenge coins;
consumable products used on or in the body;
artwork, prints and photography;
children’s apparel and toys, including plush products; and
other items as deemed by the RCMP Foundation to be inappropriate.

Sales must not exceed 500 units or $5,000 in revenue annually. If the annual number of items sold or revenues exceed this amount, the Foundation will work with the home crafter to move the agreement to a standard Wholesale License.


Distribution of items created under a home crafter’s license is limited. RCMP-branded merchandise can be sold at temporary locations such as craft fairs, and on websites such as eBay, Facebook and Etsy. Merchandise under this license cannot be sold to third-party resellers, online retailers or brick-and-mortar retailers without written permission from the RCMP Foundation.


Application process


If your application is approved, you will receive a home crafter’s license agreement valid for a term of 12 months. This agreement should be signed and returned with a cheque in the amount of $300, made payable to the RCMP Foundation. Compliance will ensure you have the option to renew the contract annually.

If the application is not approved or requires more information, we will contact you.

Once the Crafter License has been issued and the licensing fee collected, you will be sent an Officially Licensed Craft Certificate to display at the point of sale. Depending on your product, you may also be issued RCMP Officially Licensed Product hologram stickers to affix to your licensed products.

Thank you for your interest in the RCMP Licensing Program.