Liliana Longo


Liliana retired in 2019 after a distinguished 35-year career with the Department of Justice.

Liliana provided exceptional service to the RCMP as its head lawyer from the Department of Justice since September 11, 2001. Her expertise in regulatory and criminal law, including drug prosecutions, extraditions, money laundering and organized crime files, gained as a federal prosecutor in Quebec and in other positions, has been a valuable asset to the RCMP.

Liliana oversaw the provision of legal advice to five RCMP Commissioners on a wide breadth of issues over the past 17 years. Some notable files include: several high-profile public inquiries, most recently, the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls Inquiry; legislative changes involving national security, the Firearms Act, the Criminal Code of Canada, and implementation of a new labour-relations regime for the RCMP, including unionization; and the prosecution relating to the tragic events in Moncton. She also played an instrumental role in helping the RCMP reach settlement agreements for major harassment-related class-action lawsuits, contributing to efforts to eliminate gender discrimination and harassment in the Force.

Liliana has always been a strong leader and advocate for equality and diversity. As one of the first Chairs of the Advisory Committee for Equal Opportunities for Women within the Department of Justice, she identified the need to hire, retain, promote and support all under-represented groups in their careers, always leading by example and clearing a path for women who have followed. In 2014, she was recognized for her exemplary service to the Canadian justice system, earning the designation of Queens Counsel from the Government of Canada.